Our Rebelling Youth

Whether it is to stand against any political agenda, whether it is to refrain from being divided in religious  sects or forming entirely a new one, or it is to tell off your family head that he/she is wrong and is not always right and that you have an opinion too, we are seeing spontaneous rebels in one way or another among this generation and our youth.

Why are they rebelling?

May be it is because of insufficiency of their compromising capabilities and coping with the notions that what others have to say about them or may be it is telling that they are more than half of the population with some rights too. They can not be headed. They can not be herded neither they can be led by just an elder .. is it really so in your mind too if you are a youth ?

They find the present rules insufficient for themselves and want to create new ones rather than to follow the already ones. That’s why we are always hearing this alot “ MY Rules, MY Life”.


Why is it growing over the time?

As compared to the preceding generations, the realization and knowledge of the self was less than the generations upcoming. Every coming generation is more educated and conscious about the needs of the self than the previous one. The consciousness about being accepted in the society and to earn a place there.


Why the reluctance to give them a place ?

The youth mostly see this question as them, the elders or the society being afraid of their high spirits , passions and ambitions. A more positive answer to it is that they are afraid that what if they choose the wrong side but our youth is mostly passionated about choosing any side which seems more interesting and adventurous, or going in the opposite direction to the society. It’s not that they don’t learn from others’ experiences they are actually more into learning how they will face the situation for their own sake of experience. Something more exciting for them.


What are they always waiting for ?

A change. Yes , due to their high and energetic spirits and bodies they are always seeking CHANGE. They are easily bored and distracted too by any challenge heading towards them.


Why the need to rebel?

Being a sociology student, I see it from two perspectives. First, either they are having loads of hurdles because of the elders having a more traditional view of life and such and they, the youth are being more conventional about it. They are practically more active in achieving their goals. Second, or they who have nothing or less to do and are fond of using the much used term now-a-days i.e. procrastinating ,for them blame it on the society that they don’t let them do it what they want to do. So they rebel against the society and make it their goal to become free of hurdles. What are you gonna do if after you succeed, procrastinators ?

Youth Power:

Uniting the youth for a purpose through social media or by any political leaders or for any self-created purpose against any agenda in the society. In many of the revolts and reformations , youth power is used, using or misusing their energies and aggressive mind-sets.


What to expect in future from the present youth?

The present generation will be less aggressive in the days to come with a calm and approachable mind set and reasoning too. After thirties their emotions are not the ones that will guide or herd them, infact it will be their brains and experiences that will help them to earn a place further in the society.


Sociology By UABRO

(Maham A. Shah)


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